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Resin Art at Exhibitions

Updated: May 22, 2023

Moonkusser Art, Artist/Owner, Janet Rockware exhibiting one of her original creations "Intrigue"
Moonkusser Art, Resin Artist/Owner, Janet Rockware exhibiting "Intrigue" (photo courtesy of Jimi Albert)

Getting noticed and exhibiting at shows

When is the best time to exhibit your art? Answer, any opportunity you can find!

Resin artwork is one of those things that a photograph just cannot capture the details of. This is why I work hard at getting my creations entered into art exhibitions. I explore the internet to find shows that are local to me here in the northeast. Lucky for me that the area here has a vibrant art community that offers venues that are unique and most importantly well attended. I am constantly looking to promote my art by attending shows that are unfamiliar to me with the idea of showing there the next time.

Not only do I enter exhibitions with local art groups but I also become a member of those groups in order to meet and network with other artists. Their friendships and wealth of knowledge help me to cast my eyes further afield to seek out upcoming art events. I don't just become a member either. I am very involved in my local art group and volunteer my time in support of this organization in helping artists publicise their artwork.

I always make the effort to attend the exhibition openings as I have found them to be when the attendance is large. My artwork is intriguing to other artists and I spend a great deal of time discussing my techniques and experiences working with epoxy resin as my medium. Most of the time I am the only artist exhibiting a piece with resin so I am careful to select a statement style artwork that will stand out from the crowd. The work above, Intrigue, is one of those resin art creations that calls to viewers from across the room and begs you to come close and explore it's details within. I love what I do so talking about #resinart is easy and it helps me to promote MoonkusserArt.

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