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Resin Art and Creating "Wavelength"

Updated: May 22, 2023

Using epoxy resin as my medium to create artworks that express the look of waves on the ocean gives me one of my great pleasures. The fluid movement from working with this product and using techniques that can only be achieved in resin are what keeps me coming back for more.

For a lot of folks, summer means trips for vacation. Many of us find the days of summer are enjoyed most when splashing about in the ocean waves at a sandy shoreline that beat the heat. Maybe you prefer tropical islands listening to the rhythmic sounds of gentle waves coming to shore. For others being on the water means cruising along on a boat that takes us away from terra firma and provides a much needed escape. My hope is to transport your mind back to those enjoyed moments.

Building an artwork by carefully choosing the colors of the ocean we see is where I begin. The epoxy resin allows for transparencies between the layers as if viewing into water. Adding touches of shimmer just as the sun does when it sparkles across a ripple in the sea. Creating the sense of movement and drama of a wave crashing is the final detail added to inspire and provoke our thoughts to personally remember a moment in time. Letting a piece such as "Wavelength" capture the pleasant memories people have experienced and be a reminder of what unlimited adventures might still await them on the next trip to the sea.

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